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Rory Gallagher Festival 2017
Backstage with Gerry McAvoys Band of Friends
Joe at Rory Gallagher Festival
Luigi at Rory Gallagher Festival
Jackie at Rory Gallagher Festival
A New Day Festival 2017
Small Heading
A New Day Festival...Joe
A New Day Festival Jackie
A New Day Festival Luigi
Blackstairs Blues festival backstage with Eric Bell
Jackie at Blackstairs
Joe at Blackstairs
Luigi at Blackstairs
Jackie at Blackstairs
Luigi at Blackstairs
Belfast Blues Festival with The Blues Katz

Past history

THEM 1965

Trader Horne 1970

THEM 1965
THEM 1965
The Belfast Gypsies. 1967

With The Poor Mouth at The Skanderborg festival

Solo in Moscow 2001
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