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Dynamite Town.

Your Love flies.

Ridethe peace train.

Bad Day at Black Rock.

New York Calling.

A Song for Gordon.

You're the Pretty One.

How could we end up here.

Crossroads Blues.

Robert Strouds Blues.D

ShadowBoxing only available on itunes

Shall we Dance.

St Georges Day.

Blind Willie Johnson.


Sing For your Daddy-o.

The Tiger Bites.

The Auld Triangle.

Come on in My Kitchen/Rainwalk.

Chester Lane.



KKerry Red.

All Jokers are wild'

S.O.S. Crumlin Road.

Gael Force East.

This Must Be Love Teresa.

Celtic Legend.

Danger Money.

No Mans Land.

Gael Force West.


       Soon available on 



Roisin Dubh.

Tom Thumbs Blues.

Little Childrens Blues.

Gone Crazy on you.

Zoom Zoom.

Lay your Load on Me.

Johnny Forty Coats.

When Mama Got the Blues/

/Goodnight Waltz

Harlesden Snakebite.

Turning Green.

Boy on the Bayou.

Country Joe.

Cameramen Wilson and Holmes.

Spanish Room.

One Fine Day.

Its Alright.

Poor Howard.



Ruby Farm.

Rockin Shoes

  Big Pete's Birthday


Jackie McAuley & The Poor Mouth

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